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MaskButton .Net Component

MaskButton .Net Component Create any shape button you like with the MaskButton .Net Component button. You give the MaskButton .Net Component the outline of the required button shape and where you want the button text displayed, MaskButton does the rest for you. All this information is contained in a simple image, called the mask image. Also you can select from different fill styles and choose any colors you like, even setting focus color and highlight color. Only two restrictions are imposed by the Mask Button on the mask image: The outline

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Edit Mask 1.02

buttons can be customised too, from border types to background and border colors. Resolution (the amount to decrement/increment by) can be adjusted at run-time as well as in the IDE. Or if you don`t want to see the buttons, just hide them. This is a great way to edit or display times as well, because users can sometimes be a little trying, and validation from code after the user has entered the data and clicked on the Save button is always tiresome

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Data Masking Suite 1.4: Easily mask sensitive data and create test-data before giving it away.
Data Masking Suite 1.4

Masking - simple to install, flexible, and self-explanatory. Create test data and mask sensitive data. Orpheus Data Masking Suite is exceptionally easy to use. You don`t need IT skills to know how to mask the sensitive data you would like to protect. Try the free demo version of Data Masking Suite. Most business departments use our software without requiring the assistance of their IT department. Data Masking Suite supports many different data sources

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Headset Button 2.04: Player and FM radio control via wired headset button
Headset Button 2.04

button. Headset Button is an application which extends functionality of wired headset button. Usually you can use wired headset button only for phone calls. With Headset Button you can switch tracks and FM channels, pause and resume playback, rewind and fast forward, change volume - and all this while your device peacefully rests in its case or in your pocket. Headset Button works on devices of various manufacturers. Among them HTC, Glofiish and

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Tinnitus Masker Pro 6.2: Get control over your tinntius symptoms quickly and easily with Tinnitus Masker.
Tinnitus Masker Pro 6.2

Tinnitus Masker Pro allows you to choose exactly which sounds you find best mask your tinnitus and mix them together to create realtime masking relief via headphones. Alternatively, record to wav or mp3 to create custom portable masking relief. Tinnitus Masker is extremely easy to use and no sound editing is involved. Unlike other hardware tinnitus maskers, you can fully try out our product so you know it works for you before you commit to buy!

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MaskIt 2.0: An Acrobat plug-in that allows you to mask areas of content from a PDF document.
MaskIt 2.0

mask areas internally or externally to a defined area; mask across multiple pages; mask odd and even pages; define distribution to page ranges; save masks for future use; and easily define masks using the [mask] tool. Additional items can be added in these masked areas later using a PDF stamping tool. Obviously, additional items that might be added to the PDF later such as text output from Impress and Impress Pro (both sold separately) will display

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Start Button 8 5.27: A Start Button for Windows 8 with cool skins and features
Start Button 8 5.27

This is a set of two programs: Start Button for Windows 8 and the convenient Start Menu. How to add a Start Button to Windows 8? There are different answers to this question. But only Start Button 8 offers a convenient solution that is safe for your Windows. You will get a Start Button that can be customized. You can add and create your own skins for the Start Button. Start Button 8 is fully compatible with older versions of Windows.

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